Scout the self-injection toolkit

5th Year Thesis

Timeline  September 2018 - May 2019

Recognition  Arthur J. Pulos Award

The Problem  Self-injection treatments for chronic diagnoses are managed independently in the home by those seeking care. But these treatments lack the resources and guidance necessary for people to be independent, safe, and healthy. 


The Solution  Scout responds to pain points within home healthcare and the healthcare industry, and creates a future of self-injection treatments that is empathetic, supportive, and fit for the home.


For one year I had struggled with my own self-injection treatment.

While reflecting on my experience with family and friends I began to see my problems as pain points and my solutions as results of me hacking the system.

These realizations marked the beginning of my thesis exploration and research.

Are other people having experiences similar to mine?

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Without the needed support and education, people self-injecting find their own solutions to their problems. But this involves a period of trial and error that results in dangerous mistakes and the adoption of unsafe practices and routines that impacts the overall effectiveness of their care plan as well as their mental health and sense of empowerment and agency.

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What is the future of home healthcare?


How might we improve self-injection experiences for people new to treatments?

Organized layout of necessary supplies for administering medication and disposing of sharps

From top left to right: Alcohol swabs, medication vials, needles and syringes, bandages, and needle clipper

Education and Empathy

Injections and Supplies

Resources for building injection routines, tracking progress, and communicating goals to healthcare team members.

From top to bottom: Blank progress cards, resource booklet, and box for finished progress cards

Power to the Patient

What are your goals? Scout safely guides people through the trial and error process of self-injections and encourages users to establish routines or rituals that help them work towards their goals.

Organization and Ritualization

Every tool in the kit has its designated place. From top to bottom, the items are ordered in the way they are used. Injections become a muscle memory routine as each item is taken from the kit from the same place every time.

Fit for the Home

Scout's name and packaging signifies the treatment journey that is taken as a person's lifestyle and identity shifts. The packaging does not identify it as medical, which was something important to people during user testing.

Safety and Sharps Disposal

There is a lack of attention to safely disposing of sharps from the home by physicians and healthcare team members. Scout makes safe disposal a part of the injection process and gives users access to a needle clipper.

Developing Scout

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Design will be the bridge people cross as they transition into managing their care in the home and will provide resources that educate and empathize.